The damage bar for the assault rifles in MP. Why is the TAR-21 SO much more powerful than the M4? They shoot the SAME BULLET. Same with the M16 and ACR, the ACR and M4A1 are SUPER WEAK yet the M16 and TAR-21 is so freaking powerful! Why do you have to shoot someone 7 times with the M4 and only 2 with the TAR-21? MAKES NO SENSE! And the ACR doesn't only shoot the 5.56, it can also shoot the 7.62, 6.5, and 6.8 SPC, so in any case it should have at least the same damage as the M16 or more. I'm not sure if barrel length affects the damage of it, but I HIGHLY doubt it does. Now the most popular problem with the .50 Cal, its made to TAKE OUT ARMOR. IF IT HITS YOU IN THE STOMACH OR ANYWHERE HIGHER THAN THAT, YOU'RE DEAD! You may still survive if it hurts you in the foot, but it will BLOW YOUR ENTIRE SHIN AWAY. Also, the SCAR-H shoots the 7.62x51mm, and the AK-47 shoots the 7.62x39mm. 51mm means longer case, longer case means more powder, more powder means BIGGER DAMAGE. I know if they increased the SCAR-H's damage, it'd be a one shot kill, but how 'bout they decrease both yet still have the SCAR-H more powerful than the AK?

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