The FAL and the AUG are my two most used weapons,

though i plan to make the M16 my primary weapon when i unlock it (im at level 38). 
So here are my questions. Is the FAL good? 
Even though i like its unique style and ability to conserve ammo
(AR's ALWAYS run out of ammo too quickly), 
i ask this because i almost never see anyone else using it. 
Is it the best pre-level 40 AR? 
And i also know the fact that when the red dot sight is attached, 
for some reason the bullet will hit just under and to the right of the reticle. 
Also, does the holographic sight really increase accuracy? I have yet to notice a difference.
As for the Aug, i like it as well, i think it its great; 
but i also never see it used by anyone. Is it the best LMG? 
And also why is it considerably less accurate with the bling perk attached, 
i never understood this.
And if these weapons are 'good' then why does nobody use them?

Please Comment, even with opinions

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