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  • I live in front half of the Forward unto dawn
  • My occupation is UNSC AI
  • NeGxsniper

    i was playing homefront today and realised that the assault drone in MW3 almost looks exactly like the one in homefront. same goes for the Homefront hellfire and the buzzard they look very similar to the reaper and recon drone killstreaks.

    try to deny it play homefront and you will see the similarities of them

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  • NeGxsniper

    cod won't fall

    October 23, 2011 by NeGxsniper

    The spongebob sgt. is saying cod will end i can think of a couple of new games

    call of duty:winter war (finland vs russia look it up on google)

    call of duty: operation charybdis (alex mason page) *minigame maybe

    i dunno that's 2 i can think of comment some more games

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  • NeGxsniper

    i was watching a video about the level mind the gap in MW3 and it is missing the barclays and HSBC buildings it also shows that it's not ghost in the tunnel it is sgt. wallcroft

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  • NeGxsniper

    missing buildings?

    October 16, 2011 by NeGxsniper

    i was watching the video here ----> andat 5:16 i realised that it only showed canary wharf and not barclays building or HSBC. this video that the person in the tunnel at the endof thne original video about the will of the single man is actually sgt.wallcroft

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  • NeGxsniper

    KSI weekly update no.4

    October 15, 2011 by NeGxsniper

    this update will stop until MW3 because i am sick of black ops and can't be bothered joining parties

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