KSI xLongShotz back again with news straight from KSI.

Been a slow week for us but one thing that never changes is the humour of KSI scylla & KSI ghost, both returning fire with more and more insulting jokes for the best part of 20 minutes.

with the launch of MW3 just over a month away i have decided to make the free-for-all competition prize 1200 or 2100 MP for the first week or 2.

anyone who wants in must apply at least 2 days before the sunday (friday then) and straight after the game on the sunday to apply for the next game next month or month after.

that's all from KSI xLongShotz for the week see you next week

BTW add me on xbox if you play domination or TDM find me on @coolsniper97

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