i was reading the page for mason and i thought this bit( would make an awesome DLC story (like deus ex missing link) or a game if you could think of at least 11-13 missions from both mason's and the CIA strike teams view like in the rebirth island level someone please send this idea to treyarch (is it possible?) i would pay 4200MP which is £30 GBP so it's less than a normal game but still hs enough missions for it to be worth it.

The MP would be only be free-for-all, S&D, TDM, domination(no hardcore, no 3rd person, no mecrenary AND ESPECIALLY NO GHOST, COLD BLOODED, ASSASSIN OR UAV BLOCKING PERK because they annoy almost everyone(i think)

if they do make this a DLC it should be called "operation charybdis" it's what it's called in game

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