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  • NeekPatterson
    Not planning on making this very fancy, just want to get out some things i hate about the new Zombies, mainly inspired off of Q's Rants. Without further ado, let's get started~

    1. Old Black Ops wall weapons.

    • In Tranzit, most, if not all, of the guns off the wall are the same from BOII, such as the AK-74u , Olympia , M14 , M16A1 , and, the "MP5" . Why bother? They added new, futuristic guns to the game, why bring back the old ones? Now, this is just for Tranzit, not Die Rise (Which i haven't been able to play, so no rants on that part), personally, i felt a LITTLE bored of using the same guns from BOII, and the random box didn't help much.

    2. MP40?

    • Yes, i just ranted about how BO1 weapons on walls are a BAD thing, but why not bring back the MP40?…
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  • NeekPatterson

    On hiatus.

    August 29, 2012 by NeekPatterson

    Eeyup. Stress stuff and personal problems. Don't know how long i'll be gone, but i can assure you all this ISN'T forever, i love you too much to leave forever

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  • NeekPatterson computer is derping again, if i'm not seen for a while on either Skype, Chat, or Steam, well, this is why, i may be able to use my Mom's laptop if i need to go onto chat.

    Yes my computer sucks, but this is just a message to people who would like to know, for now it's working(hopefully long enough to get my images and st00f) but until then, just hope my comp. doesn't mess up anymore =/

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  • NeekPatterson


    February 3, 2012 by NeekPatterson

    OK, i got my computer back, this was the fastest the guy fixed it, luckily. The only problem with the computer was i had a few viruses o.o plus, i need more memory, but i don't need to send it in for that.

    So yeah, i'm back

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  • NeekPatterson

    My computer recently has been going slow, so my dad is sending it in to the guy who made my computer, which means i won't have it for a while. He's normally slow at this kind of stuff, so i don't know how long i'll be gone exactly. If i'm lucky, my mom will let me use her laptop, but i have my doubts...

    So, until then, bye everypony/everyone

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