Not planning on making this very fancy, just want to get out some things i hate about the new Zombies, mainly inspired off of Q's Rants. Without further ado, let's get started~

1. Old Black Ops wall weapons.

  • In Tranzit, most, if not all, of the guns off the wall are the same from BOII, such as the AK-74u , Olympia , M14 , M16A1 , and, the "MP5" . Why bother? They added new, futuristic guns to the game, why bring back the old ones? Now, this is just for Tranzit, not Die Rise (Which i haven't been able to play, so no rants on that part), personally, i felt a LITTLE bored of using the same guns from BOII, and the random box didn't help much.

2. MP40?

  • Yes, i just ranted about how BO1 weapons on walls are a BAD thing, but why not bring back the MP40? That gun was amazing! It was one of my best weapons to use in Zombies, I'm kind of sad that they removed it.

3. Spread

  • This annoys me to no end, why do guns suddenly have spread when aiming down sights?! I can understand hipfiring, but aiming down sights?? the SMR is practically useless, dealing a crap damage, but not to mention IT HAS A GODLY AMOUNT OF SPREAD.

Just a few things i wanted to get out there, what else do you think is really wrong with the zombies mode?

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