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  • NejiHyuga900


    May 31, 2010 by NejiHyuga900

    Create your own custom-made perks here. Add the pro version of your perks too. You may also create your own Death Streak reward too.

    Here are a list of perks that I made up myself:

    Here is the list. Here are what these extras mean:

    NOTES: Other information about the perk.

    ICON: What the perk would look like (without the basic or pro background).

    • Skill Up: Increases XP that you gain during the match by 20%.
      • Skill Up Pro: + Increases bonus XP that you gain after the match by 20%. (UNLOCK: Win 25 matches with Skill Up.)
      • NOTE: This perk is very useful a lot for leveling up but then it becomes useless once your at Lv. 70, and have the next Prestige Mode unlocked from leveling up since you would no longer level up until entering Prestige Mode.
      • ICON: LV (arro…

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