• Neoswords

    My ideas are fairly simple.


    A map on a bridge, with two levels. At the end points of the bridges there are barricades that if you cross you get shot. On the map there are driviable vehicles that drive straight forward and you can somewhat control with the movement stick.


    A map on two london double decker buses.

    You would be able to jump through open doors to get to the other bus, at the risk of getting shot or hit by a car. On the top level it would be torn off, but you would have a clear shot at the enemys with the risk of being in the open. RCXD's would get across by the way you get across.

    3: A mix of the rusulka and the underwater lab.

    On this map you would be able to swim between the boat at the underwater.In a short cutscene people co…

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  • Neoswords

    Micheal Myers On Ps3?

    February 18, 2011 by Neoswords

    Does anyone play it in private matches?

    If so, add Neoswords123 and post a comment here with your PSN ID please.

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  • Neoswords

    What are some,foo?

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  • Neoswords

    Good SMG and M4 Classes?

    September 29, 2010 by Neoswords

    Well,this time I have one.

    UMP bling silencer holograph or FMJ


    CB or SP


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  • Neoswords

    Black Opz Zombagz

    September 24, 2010 by Neoswords

    Anyone else preorder hardened edition for PS3?

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