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Dead Aces Clan

Newtone November 19, 2010 User blog:Newtone

We are a clan inside Call of Duty:Black Ops.We are currently looking for new recruits that have potential of being something good.We are open in applications and you can visit our.Don't hesitate to ask any question,we are a friendly clan but we have some rules as well.

-Respect all players.

-Play fair.

-Have a brain bigger than Homer's.

-And Have Fun!

In case that you don't have an Xfire account, consider it needed for joining our clan.When and if you join the clan you must write the "Clan Tag" in the game. which is [DA].There is an emblem as well which i will screen shot and provide it to you.Of course if you don't want to use it its up to you.

During your stay in the clan you will advance in ranks of course.


General: "Newt"

Lieutenant General(s): -

Captain(s): -

Lieutenant(s): -

Second Lieutenant(s): -

Warrant Officer(s): -

Master Sergeant(s): -

Sergeant(s): -

Corporal(s): -

Private(s): -

I'm waiting to fill some of your names in the ranks.All newcomers will be starting from the rank of Private.

If i think you have to advance through ranks you will be notified and have to change your name with your rank in front. i.e [DA]Gnr.Newt.


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