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  • Nick42294

    Mark Lamia was interviewed on the new Strike Force mode!

    A few confirmed things in the video:

    Extended Mags will return, the Red Dot Sight also makes a return as expected, and the KAP-40 is fully automatic with a 12 round magazine size.

    Overwatch mode is seen as well as playing as the soldier like in past games. The player can also take contol of drones in Strike Force as seen in the video.

    See more below!

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  • Nick42294

    So the last game to have it was Modern Warfare 2, and when Black Ops then the following MW3 didn't have it, it annoyed quite a few people.

    Personally, I think it was a good thing to create faster paced games, it made most weapons at least useable, and it was a SACRAFICE to give it up to use perks with similar effects to Ghost/Cold Blooded/Assassin. Now there's virtually no down side of those.

    I'm hoping Black Ops 2 / CoD: Eclipse / Call of Duty 9 have it back.

    Opinions? Try to think about it from a standpoint of balance. Even though it was almost necesary, it made users of cold-blooded balanced, but also more effective (Because it was more rare in MW2, therefore much less expected), because they had to sacrafice.

    EDIT: This is my opinion, don'…

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  • Nick42294

    Robert Bowling posted the link on his twitter so i can safely say most of his observations are true.

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  • Nick42294

    For everyone who doesn't know yet, because i see a lot of people arguing about it, Escalation features new playable characters in zombies.

    read the rescalation box

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  • Nick42294

    What annoys you most in Black Ops? Weapons, Maps, Perks? Why? For me it has to be all the crappy SMG's besides a few and Ghost

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