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Bringing Back Stopping Power

So the last game to have it was Modern Warfare 2, and when Black Ops then the following MW3 didn't have it, it annoyed quite a few people.

Personally, I think it was a good thing to create faster paced games, it made most weapons at least useable, and it was a SACRAFICE to give it up to use perks with similar effects to Ghost/Cold Blooded/Assassin. Now there's virtually no down side of those.

I'm hoping Black Ops 2 / CoD: Eclipse / Call of Duty 9 have it back.

Opinions? Try to think about it from a standpoint of balance. Even though it was almost necesary, it made users of cold-blooded balanced, but also more effective (Because it was more rare in MW2, therefore much less expected), because they had to sacrafice.

EDIT: This is my opinion, don't feel like you have to point out that you think I'm speaking for everyone. Thank you Nick42294 05:55, April 22, 2012 (UTC)

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