Ok so i was playing Team Deathmatch and the other team had either a chopper gunner or a pave low, i don't remember, well anyways both of those killstreaks have one set of flares for anyone who doesn't know. Flares make a lock on missle (which excludes AT4-HS and RPG-7) veer off course and miss. So i was playing on wasteland and i fired my stinger and as it veered off in the distance, i noticed it went straight down instead of up or away as usual. As it came down and hit the ground, when it said +100 i jizzed a litttle. (lol jk) So i got a legitimate kill with a stinger even though lock on is required to fire and it can only be fired at targets in the air. It was mostlikely the luckiest thing i will ever do in MW2 and wanted to share my experience with you.

So I want to know if you have ever killed somebody with a stinger missle that was on the other team and tell me how it happened, and how far away it was.

If you don't believe me that's fine, but don't tell me i'm lying, just keep it to yourself.

Please Comment and share something you want to say about this. I want to hear your opinions

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