ok it was domination on invasion and this ass was camping in the embassy building in the back with a Barrett .50 cal picking people off 1, by 1, by 1. he was overlooking Flag B so it was easy for him to get kills. So i decided to come from the side and i went into there and right as he turns around with his machine pistol, i bang him out and kill him at 24 with my Mini-Uzi i was using just to get challenges. The funny part is he almost killed me i was flashing red and i killed him one short. 1 more bullet in me would have gotten him a nuke. it was epic on my part. I ruined that kids day and probably made him cry. he was like 12, so i made fun of him like the cruel people of Xbox Live do. He left. lol

So i want to know have you ever stopped someone from getting a nuke at 24, and how was your reaction and more importantly how was their reaction.

and also how did you kill him, was it in epic fassion?

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