My name is Pvt. Wade and i joined the Rangers thinking it was gonna be really good, boy was i wrong. My first day was known as the “new kid” or “F.N.G”, first day of being a Ranger was something i would expect. Firing range, being shouted at by your Staff Sgt. and doing push ups and sit ups till you break. The Rangers had this thing called the “Pit”, a course that you must run and eliminate the targets and avoiding civilian casualties as fast as you can. The Ranger record is 22.29 seconds, my best time was 24.87 seconds and everyone was impressed. As i was giving my weapon, a M16, i was aloud to modify it any way i wanted to. But before i could do anything we had to go and protect the bridge being built. It was nothing i ever imagine, explosions going off, bullets firing past your head, and random orders being shouted all at once. As i tried to fire my M16 i reliesed that it was on safety, i took it off safety and by the time i fired a few rounds the bridge was complete and the enemy was retreating. I got into my squads humvee and waited as there was going to be danger close as we destroy a building. As we entered the city it was quite, like something was going to happen soon. Soon enough it did and we were taking sniper fire from enemies. As we went towards that school, we had attack from RPG fire and machine gun fire from the school. We were ordered to retreat and we got out of there quickly. As we were lost in all the RPG missiles and machine gun fire that we didn't know where we were going untile a RPG missile destroyed our humvee. We took cover in a near by house and heard a radio call from another squad saying they are pined down by enemy fire from the school, so we went over and took them out. Afterwards we went out of there and back home, we had lost 6 men and 24 wounded. I was then shipped out back to America where the Russians had invaded America. Our objective was to get Raptor and get him out safetly. We had some heavy resistance but we managed to get him out ok. Then we went to North West Virginia, and i didn't understand what the whole point of that was but i followed orders though. After that i witnessed to most terrifying scene of my life, explosions everywhere, tanks blowing up 1 by 1, men getting slaughtered. We had to retake a 5 story building and take out some of the tanks and helicopters, soon we had to get out of there so we got into a helicopter and help them out at the WW2 memorial, then we were ordered to get the hell out of there. But then we were hit by an anti air missile and were going down, we then crashed and only 3 of us 4 left, me, Foley, Ramiraz and Dunn. I saw that Ramiraz didn't had a gun so i gave him an M4A1 and said “TAKE THIS AND STAY DOWN”. As i laid there bleeding to death i felt like i was free, free from the hell that i had just witnessed, that i saved a few lives for what i did and that i served my country....

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