Ok please bear in mind that its not the best i can do, i did it in like 30-60 minutes and please no bad comments, and the storyline may be a bit different to the missions.

Storyline: Nikolai takes Soap and Price away to a place where they will be safe from any danger, while shadow company struggles to regroup, they make there captain in charge of the company (Cpt. ?). Makarov sees this opportunity to continue to strike America and does another airport massacre at J.F.K airport, America still recovering from the war previously there military is weak but is still strong enough to fight the terrorist group. Meanwhile Cpt. ? from shadow company encounter the whereabouts of Price and Soap and Nikolai, so launched an attack on them not realising that Nikolai had his own company which he commanded (141 Company - in memory from task force 141) Shadow company outnumbered 5:1 they surrendered and supported Price and Soap. As Makarov faces defeat he contacts Nikolai and asks for his assistants, they accept his help and America followed them to the hideout and ends in a final stand. Shadow Company, 141 Company, Makarov's men, Price and Soap against the weakened American army. During the last stand Makarov's men were slaughtered but Makarov still alive and 141 company were struggling to survive, Price and Soap go behind the enemy lines and try and soften them up a little bit. At the end of the last stand its only Cpt. ?, Price, Soap, Nikolai and Makarov and only 100 men left of the American army, they were out of options, you get to choose (in the mission) weather to:

Cpt. ? - Sit tight and continue to fight Price/Soap - Run out and kill as much as they can before they die Makarov - Nuke everything Nikolai - Take everyone to a new hideout No matter what they do they still die but there memory will go on with the blood stained there, the British are too late as they were trying to assist Price and Soap, and the Russians with them as well who was trying to assist Makarov, and the ultranationalist who trying to assist Nikolai. There is a memorial for all the task Force 141 men and SAS men who followed Soap and Price, Russians made a statue of Makarov as the man who fought the Americans against all odds, and the ultranationalist were remembered for generations for what they did, unfortunately shadow company were seen as traitors to America and were burned and discarded like yesterdays newspaper. There story was told by American survivors but no one will ever know what was going through their minds. The Americans called them Betrayers of the world and only told their side of the story, so there side was therefore forgotten and lost forever.

Missions: Prologue: F.N.G - Tutorial/new guy at shadow company (Play as Pvt. Keegan Millar)

Orders are Orders - Ordered by Sheppard, you must kill the task 141 members but Pvt. Keegan Millar and his friends Sgt. Peter Harold and PFC. Aiden Jones refuse to kill them and leave them to escape and then encounter Makarov's men in the Boneyard (enemy of my enemy mission except you play as shadow company, Play as Pvt. Keegan Millar)

Betrayer! - Soon enough Sheppard finds out that Keegan and his friends let Price and Soap get away and they are later executed under the command of Sheppard ( play as Sheppard)

Act I

Da, i know a place! - On there way to the place where Nikolai wanted to take them, the Russian police attack them because they don't have authorization to go into Russia and the "hatful" crimes done by Soap and Price (played as Nikolai Flying the helicopter)

No Mercy - Makarov sees an opportunity to strike America while they are still struggling to recover from the invasion of Russia so he strikes another airport but this time in an American Airport (Play as Viktor)

? - The Americans send a weak military force to counter attack against Makarov (Played as Viktor)

? - The hideout that Nikolai led them to was tracked by shadow company and was led to a small fight between 141 company and shadow company (Played as Sgt. ? "141 Company")

? - Continuing the fight from the previous level but shadow company are being slaughtered so they surrender to the 141 company (play as Sgt. ? "141 Company")

Act II

? - Makarov is loosing numbers and retreats to the safe house from "Loose Ends" (play as Viktor)

? - The Americans launch an attack on the safe house and Makarov suffers defeat and retreats to find Soap and Price (play as Viktor)

? - The Spetnaz find the whereabouts of Soap and Price and try and try to capture them but fail due to the strength of 141 company and shadow company (play as Sgt. ? "141 company") Highway To Hell- Makarov launchers a full retreat of his men and head to where Price and Soap are but are followed by Americans (play as Viktor)

? - Price and Soap agree to let Makarov them hide with them but the Americans tracked them and ran into the Shadow Company defences (Play as Pvt. Harris shadow company - who becomes K.I.A)

? - Shadow Company faces defeat and retreat back to the 141 company defences where they were followed again and another fight happens at the 141 company defences (play as Sgt. ? "141 company" - becomes K.I.A)


? - As everyone faces defeat they make it there last stand to defend there hideout (Play as Soap or Price)

? - Everyone faces defeat and decide to make a decision which will end everything while fighting off the Americans(play as ?) Depending on the choice you choose will depend on what happens (play as - depending on who you choose)

The End - Game over depending on how you choose it


F.N.G - "hey buddy i wouldn't wear that hat if i was you, Sheppard hates people who don't wear the right uniform" - Sgt. Peter Harold

F.N.G - "nice hat Private, Sarge where's the beer?, you just earned yourself laps around the track" - Sheppard

Orders are orders - "wait i don't wanna kill the 141 guys" - Pvt. Millar "orders are orders Millar" - Sgt. Harold

Orders are Orders - "shit do you think Sheppard will find out?" - Pvt. Millar "i dunno but Sheppard's gonna be pissed if he finds out" PFC. Aiden Jones

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