My name is Sgt. Hall and before i was put into Shadow Company i was the most respectable marine in my division. I was the most excellent marksman in my division, i could hit anybody a mile away, scope or no scope i was a great shot. But then it all changed when i did friendly fire on my own man in my squad, it happened so fast i didn't even see him. He ran past my scope as i was trying to snipe someone and someone shouted “FREINDLY FIRE!”. As i see my own team mate screaming as i shot him in the back of his neck i watched in fear as i thought what was going to happen to me. Lucky my team mate survived but for me on the other hand, i was sent out of the marine corps. Soon after a General named Shepard offered me into his Company, i was relieved and was excited to see action again. But it was not what i expected. I was treated like an F.N.G and was looked at as if i didn't know anything. When i ran the Pit i was faster then everyone else, suddenly people were surprised at what i could accomplish. Soon in the Firing range everyone was stunned and shocked to see i have hit all 7 targets in less then 1.5 seconds. Soon my squad leader saw me talent and made me a sniper. My first assignment was to over to the Task Force 141 retrieve the DSM and wait for further orders from Shepard. Everything went as planned except Shepard did something that i didn't expect him to do, shot the remaining survivors who got the transfer, i believe there names were Ghost and Roach. As i stood there shocked, i was then ordered by my squad leader to pick up Ghost and Roach and pour petrol on them. I look on the face of Roach and see that he's still alive. Half dead, half alive face staring into my face like he couldn't believe what had happened. As i see Shepard light into flames and leave i felt so down like i have done something so bad that im being cursed with the memory of my first day out as a Shadow Company soldier. We were ordered back to site Hotel Bravo were we were followed by the surviving Task Force 141 members. I was ordered to escort Shepard to his boat as he escapes, Shepard i now relies that Shepard was a coward and didn't care for his men as he ordered a danger close strike right on the position of his men. I entered the boat with Shepard with the 141 guys behind us. Soon enough we got into a Pave low but was shot down but the 141 guy. As i lay there on the ground bleeding to death, i start to crawl and see a man coming up to me with a knife, at this moment i saw the dying face of Roach and Ghost in flames before the man who had a Mohawk stabbed me.....

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