So lately I was thinking of making a console promod for Modern Warfare 2 and I pretty got it down except for Maps and Weapons. Here is what I think.

Weapons: TAR-21, M16, AK-47, MP5k, Mini-Uzi?, Intervention, and WA2000? also all the guns can have FMJ attached.(? are put because I want at least two weapons from the AR, SMG, and SR sections, but their aren't any other balanced weapons in that section)

Grenades: Frag, Semtex, Throwing Knife, Smoke

Perks: Marathon?, Scavenger, Stopping Power, Lightweight?, Steady Aim, Ninja?

Deathstreak: Copycat, but can't copy classes.

Maps: Favela, Karachi, Rundown, Skidrow, Terminal, Scrapyard.

Do you guys have any suggestions? If so tell why it is resonable.

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