So like any other player on MW2 when I got an invite to a tenth prestige lobby, I actually believed it was legit. So im in there and and its so freaking laggy and everybodys like "what do I do" and "where the prestige" and this one guy (the host) was killing and got a harrier and chopper gunner. Im just trying to atleast kill one guy and then all of a sudden the host screams "AHHHHH!!! OH My! OH My! GAWD! My first nuke bitches!!!!!" and im like "but were in a private match". In the lobby, the host is saying how were so gullible and that we helped him to his tenth nuke for the emblem. But then he checks his emblems and doesnt see it and we had to explain to him why getting nukes in private match dont work towards the nuke emblem.

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