I was thinking about Black Ops 2, and i couldnt help but think about the "perfect shooter". Now, I realize that no shooter can ever be considered "perfect", however, these are my ideas for a battle-worthy first person shooter:

It would have exquisite character detail like in the Halo series. That is, your character would react to the environment (eg. walking next to a bush = the bush moves). You would also have the ability to customize your character. finally, and this is my biggest problem with most FPS games today, when you look down, YOU WOULD SEE YOUR CHARACTER'S FEET! And your character's feet would interact with the ground when necessary (eg. walking down an incline = your character's feet slant down, your character walks up an incline = your character's feet slant up).

My shooter would have the weapons, uniforms/factions, time period, and relatively clean graphics from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series.

It would incorporate realistic and vehicular gameplay from Battlefield 3 (eg. no quickscope, compensating with sniper rifles and ACOGs, using vehicles).

Finally, my version of the perfect FPS would incorporate the team control skills from the Rainbow 6 series. Thus, the player would often create and lead a standard fireteam.

And on a sidenote, a lot of the American campaign would be played as Marines, because I love the Marines.

I am interested in hearing feedback from people regarding my ideas. I am looking into a job in the videogame designing field, and I hope to design and create an FPS like this. I would like to know if my ideas are good, and any suggestions or changes anyone has.

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