Hey whats up everyone a NEW gltich found today December 20th 2011 on Call of the Dead. This glitch requires 2 or more people. First off open the doors on the left side of the starting point. Don't open up the lighthouse doors. Next go to the ak74-u area the small stariway is your glitch. Carefully on the right side (Closer to Ak74-u) You have to walk slow up the rail the other players will see standing on an invisible rail. Then Keep going to you see a error saying "Can't Stand Here" Then zombies won't attack not even see you. They atttack other players. Also zombies spawn in the ligthouse and are stuck and will die over time. On solo the other zombies WILL ATTACK THE PLAYER because they don't have anyone else to attack, but sometimes they will just walk to the lighthouse entrance and continue to walk until they are killed or by dying over time. This does work on George Romero. Know any other glitches not patched in any Cod game leave a comment.

Thanks, Noobinator2k1

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