Ok, some of you may have seen my posts about said controversy...

I've been on Wikipedia about Black Ops multiple times, and it's all been glorifying the Xbox 360 version, and saying all other versions suck, why?

I've read some reviews, and they aren't as low as they say on Wikipedia...

First, it says that the PS3 and PC versions weren't worth buying at all, and only the Xbox 360 would be worth buying...

Then, it says reviewers refused to rate the PS3 and PC versions and Xbox 360 got nearly flawless reviews, with the lowest being, about 9.8.

Then, it finally says, which still does for I just checked, that the PS3's highest score was 1.2, and the PCs was 0.8...

Do you think the games are that bad? Or is this something bigger? Possibly something bigger involving Microsoft?

Facts that could support Microsoft doing such

The new Xbox 360 has a 90% failure rate, yes, the 250 gig 360.

Microsoft is slowly losing sales for the Xbox 360

Microsoft is looking for more ways to profit, going as far as going to the U.S Government ( Who technically owns the internet ) and asking if Microsoft can tax the internet and that Microsoft would get all profit, they were denied immediately. Microsoft claims that it was so that they can fix people's computers for cheaper, and that when they are sent the computers, that it isn't the hardware's fault, it's the owner's fault, even though on more than multiple occasions it was proven to be faulty hardware and software made by Microsoft.

Apple's stocks became worth more than Microsoft's, so they must re - bound or more people will switch to Apple Computers.

Large Corporation, prone to corruption

Facts against Microsoft doing such

Microsoft would be bashed against and it would probably destroy the company if they did such and got caught on a large scale.

Microsoft is starting or trying to become a better company overall.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen aren't bad people, it would be the executives, and they would probably be fired if caught. I can confirm Paul Allen is a good person, he used to live across the street before Microsoft became huge, my mom remembers when he came home with a freaking custom made Ferrari.

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