Clop Till We Drop, a shitty poem by Sgt. trollz

So many ponies to clop to, so little time.

There's a huge amount of choices,

So let's start with nine.

There's Pinkie, all bubbly and nice,

To Rarity, loaded with spice,

Fluttershy, all gentle and soft

And Twilight, up in her loft.

Sweetie Belle, though not the brightest,

Can be clopped to. Second thoughts? Not in the slightest.

Scootaloo, Bon-Bon,

and yes, even Lyra too.

Cherilee "teaching" young foals,

Rainbow Dash, hot as burning coals...

And so, that is nine,

So, goodbye, and see you next time

Sadly no, that last one didn't rhyme, but hear me,

Fucks are not given to thine.

In a line of boredom, don't be pissed

I am adding some more to this list

In case your wondering, this poem is lame

Let's restart our rhyming game

Berry Punch, eh, not too good,

But cloppable, trying hard, one could,

Vinyl Scratch, what a flank,

I'll add her, to my clop pic bank,

Bon Bon, oh so sweet,

I'd eat that, it'd be quite neat.

Octavia, wielding her bow,

Clopping to Spike? Hay no!

Applejack, bucking those trees,

Deliver me more pictures, if you please.

Right, now this is gonna sound like a rap,

So many po-nies I don't know who I'd tap,

I'd consider Rainbow Dash,

flyin' fast, like an eagle go blast,

Or Flutter, rollin' in with the (cue sample of Fluttershy saying "yay"),

Damn, I must say, all these ponies got me wantin' a part-ay,

Yeah, my lyrics be bad, in a literal sense, not in a figurative sense, bad as JB's

When he sang Bab-y, but may-be, I just be trollin', so rage and follow me!


So many ponies to clops to, so little time,

We clop till we drop, even Fluttershy knows that she's mine...(Sample of Spike,"dude, that's creepy")

In the end we can't end it, though they make us try,

Now let's keep this rap goin', even though it sucks so much I might die..

(end chorus)

Now, if you ever heard Katy Perry,

You never heard good music before, so lemme,

Teach ya, with a bit of po-nies, so many figures on my night stand, might as well be a party,

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