I began thinking earlier...if I were a faction in a CoD game...what would be my victory, loss, spawn themes be, etc. etc. And because I enjoy making blogs that serve no other purpose other than to bewilder people about why I even bothered to type this, and excuse my crude language, horrible bucket of shit up...but enough of we go....(Note, for the sake of not being an idiot, no sources from CoD will be used)

Okay, first I thought of my spawn themes. I found a few ones I liked, but yeah, here's them:

Spawn 1:

Spawn 2: (uhh, you can just imagine it fading off at 00:15...)


Victory 1:

Victory 2:

I couldn't think of any loss themes, so...let's move on to other stuff...


Winning a match - "Great job, brews for everyone once we get back to base."

Losing a match - "Damn it, I thought you were better than this!"

Winning - "That was amazing, keep doing that and we'll win this war yet."

Losing - "That was bullshit, you guys are fired."

Capturing an objective - "We got (A,B,C,), now let's keep it that way!"

Capturing a flag - "We got their flag, now get it to the base!"

Our flag is captured - "One of them got our flag, kick his ass!"

Bomb planted (On them) - "Charges set, hold out until detonation."

Bomb planted (on us) - "They got a charge planted, someone defuse that shit!"

Draw - "Pull back, this is a stalemate.."

Kill confirmed - "That's a kill!"

Kill stolen - "Negative, cannot confirm target down."

Kill steal - "Right under their noses..."

Team gets juggernaut - "We got one big motherfucker comin' in for support, enjoy."

Enemy team gets Jug - "Shit, enemy EOD suit inbound, find some cover!"

Juggernaut match starting - "Everyone, take that motherfucker out, before he takes us out!"

Team Juggernaut - "We got a juggernaut supporting us on this op!"

Infection - "Braaaiiiinnnss.."

Getting kicked - "That motherfucker's gone rogue, get the shit court marshaled out of him!"

Gun game - "Get out there and move up those tiers!"

Care package - "Care package inbound, Merry Christmas."

AC-130 - "AC-130? Well, we're fucked..."

M.O.A.B - "Holy....shit...."

EMP - "*clears his throat, does a Russian voice* ENEMY EMP INBOUND, WE'RE DOOMED!"

Harrier - "Enemy harrier inbound, get your Javelins ready..."

Sentry turret - "It's like a fuckin' robot! Oh, wait..."

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