Due to my last attempt of this series failing, I'm hoping this thing catches on. Anyways, Bronies and others, It's time for another Map of The Week. Get suited up for our next map, Jungle.


Overhead of Jungle.

Jungle is a fairly large map, featuring a small Vietnamese village on the right side, A valley sprawling the middle, amd on the right is a U.S. Army base. There is also a temple area behind the village, which features an excellent hiding spot. The Shelf, as I have dubbed it, is a small ridge jutting from the area in front of the village. A good place to hold out is in this very spot, but you will not find much cover, as there is only visual cover. I usually group cover into two groups: actual cover, which cannot be shot through, and visual cover, which can be shot through but hides whatever is behind it. Even worse, you run the risk of being flanked from both the village, and a bridged area that leads to the U.S. base. Using an M14 or a burst assault rifle could help immensely, providing both long and medium range accuracy. The Cliff is a much more tactical, but very dangerous area to snipe from. Almost everyone knows this spot, so Ghost may help with blending in with the surrounding foliage. A sniper rifle or G11 with a low-power scope is encouraged here, due to the long range fighting you will be doing. A claymore should be placed behind you so you can't be struck from behind. Also, helping a team mate out and allowing him to snipe while you defend the back (I suspect almost nobody will do this, since when did CoD become a team game?!) would also help out immensely. Near the temple there is a high up box-like outcropping, a good place to kill flankers. Care packages should be either called from the back of the U.S base or the area behind the temple. If you plan to rush, don't go onto the far left side of the map, as it is very exposed. Running through the middle is more dangerous, as you may take fire from the cliff and the Shelf. Go to the bridged area and attack them there. My reccommended kill streaks are Spy plane, Rolling Thunder, and dogs. Spy plane is always a good way to find and kill enemies to increase your killstreaks. Rolling Thunder and Dogs will cover a huge area, granting your team more kills and winning the game. If you follow these steps and stay brave, you may just win this war yet. Stay frosty, and goodbye for now.

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