• Oli 'Niv' Rainford


    May 23, 2011 by Oli 'Niv' Rainford


    Played a bit of Black Ops earlier before I started 'revising'. I only managed to get three games in but one of them really inspired me to take a more tactical approach when playing CoD in the futre.

    The match itself was a simple TDM on the map Crisis. When the match started there was only about 4 people on each team, and in the first 10 seconds 4 of them lagged out. This left the team I was on with three players and the other team with only one. Despite this we continued playing the game and as we reached the 5 minute mark there was still the same teams, but we were drawing at 900 points each.

    Everyone was using Ghost apart from me, who was wondering around using my ballistic knife class:

    M14 (No Attatchment at that time),Ballistic Kni…

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  • Oli 'Niv' Rainford


    Theres not a lot of intertaing stuff to do on the internet that I havent already done. So yeah, I'm starting blogging.

    Quick intro, as you can see by my account name my name is Oli Rainford. Funnily enough the 'Niv' bit is a nickname. I am the proud owner of a Playstation 1, 2 and 3 and for the most part I play Call of Duty. The First Call of Duty I got was World at War. I personally love that game for a couple of reasons:-

    1. It had Nazi Zombies on it, I never got bored with it.

    2. It was fantastically gory. I loved the fact that you could actually blow somones legs off. It was realistic.

    The online of WaW is what really got me into CoD. Beacause it was my first online expierience I only managed to get to 2nd Prestige lvl 65 before …

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