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What to look for in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare servers that do not run punkbuster

If you're looking for an independent server for Modern Warfare, you might want to join clean, hacker-free servers, but not all servers are like this. Here is a list of do's and don'ts of independent servers.


  • An independent server should have an active administrative base, to monitor hackers, rule-breakers, and make sure the server is generally clean.
  • It should have easy-to-understand rules stated by the console, non-abusive administrators, etc.
  • Also, an independent server should have a web-site. This helps report hackers, apply for administration powers, etc.


  • An independent server shouldn't have immature administrators that ban people for expressing opinions, trying to defend your position if you've been wrongfully punished for doing nothing wrong, etc.
  • Tolerating hacking in any way, even if a friend is involved.
  • The server host shouldn't let administrators abuse players as in the statement above.

If your server follows the do's, and not the don'ts, it is, in my opinion, a good server.

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