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    Okay, I have decided to write a nice little opinion article on the pros and cons of the latest CoD games, namely Modern Warfare, World at War, Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops.

    What can I say, this game was wonderful. This is the game that revolutionized the gaming industry, making modern games an actual idea instead of a joke. Well done Infinity Ward, you didn't cross the line, you moved it up.

    Wonderful balance, the 1st assault rifle, the AK47, was the go-to gun for me on almost my entire time playing it. It has no flaws or advantages, just sheer perfection.

    Engaging Single-player, revolutionary theatre of war.

    Flawless integration from WWII. Unlike some games the enemies did not feel like they were in the wrong war.

    I could write a huge list, …

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  • OverseerTange

    Which do you like more so far?

    Death Machine Minigun, or Grim Reaper Rocket Launcher?

    I prefer Death Machine. More bullets = More power.

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