Okay, I have decided to write a nice little opinion article on the pros and cons of the latest CoD games, namely Modern Warfare, World at War, Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops.

Modern Warfare

What can I say, this game was wonderful. This is the game that revolutionized the gaming industry, making modern games an actual idea instead of a joke. Well done Infinity Ward, you didn't cross the line, you moved it up.


Wonderful balance, the 1st assault rifle, the AK47, was the go-to gun for me on almost my entire time playing it. It has no flaws or advantages, just sheer perfection.

Engaging Single-player, revolutionary theatre of war.

Flawless integration from WWII. Unlike some games the enemies did not feel like they were in the wrong war.

I could write a huge list, praising every little pebble, but I need to move on.


Quite a few un-patched glitches, mainly that one with the rock.

Lacked a secondary mode, unlike the other 3 games.

World at War

This was a remarkable last ode to WWII from Call of Duty, focusing on the sadder aspects of war and ensuring a place in the WWII gamer's heart. Even now I will still play this game just to experience the wonderful power of a WWII tank or Black Cat.


Impressive Campaign, disturbingly believable.

Aside from the MP40's multiplayer variant, almost everything was balanced with its fellow class weapons.

The StG44 felt like a real Assault Rifle without becoming the most powerful weapon in the game. Though its older cousin the MP40 did take that position...

Nazi Zombies.


Early Game weapons were very underpowered, some of them being merely weaker version of a late game gun.

MP40 acted more like a sniper rifle that has good hipfire accuracy and automatic fire then an SMG.

All non-American Rifles and all Bolt-Action Rifles had no variety, being mere clones of each other.

Type-100 was a mere clone of the Thompson with more ammo but a lot less penetration.

Viciously over-powered German guns, the FG42 easily became the most dangerous weapon when it was used correctly, MP40 comment above, the fact that the MG42 shot so many bullets I have seen a squad fall to one.

Modern Warfare 2

The big bad MW2, infamous for its terrible glitches but often under-appreciated. It did after all have the best graphics, most content and most variety in guns in Call of Duty.



Large variety of guns, none were exact clones of another gun, something Treyarch would do well to try.

Huge amount of new features, i.e. equipment, kill-streak customization, and Bling.

Very well made maps.


Terrible campaign.

Infinity Ward completely ignored glitches and overpowered weapons.

Hacking became perfectly fine. So long as the hacker was on your team.

UMP45, the only gun reaching WaW's MP40 level of overpower.

Black Ops

The new kid on the block, while its campaign and zombies mode are both very wonderful, it is lacking elsewhere.


Movie level campaign, very good plot, ect.

Very balanced, almost no guns are overpowered.

Wonderful response to any issues in the game.


TOO balanced. No reason to used leveled up weapons when the only gun that is remotely weak is the Enfield.

No real secondaries. All the pistols suck, the explosives barely kill, and the special weapons are a disgrace.

Attachments are useless. All attachments have some negative effect that often overpowers the positive effect.

Underbarrels cannot be reloaded, are underpowered and are not worth the points to buy them.

Silence + Ghost = Only good class.

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