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Riot Shields, Assault Shields and more Shields

PCpancake November 12, 2012 User blog:PCpancake

Hello Shield Users and non-users alike,

I love the Riot Shield. It will take some getting used to calling it the Assault Shield come Black Ops 2, but I think we will all make the transition. COD is a First Person Shooter - so I guess I just loved the idea of upsetting players by approaching them with a weapon that was bullet proof!

I found the shield in MW2 was very handy and user-friendly. If an enemy strafed quickly to my flank, I had no problem tracking him. He came to fear my shield.

Sadly, in MW3 the shield seemed bulky, unwieldy, and almost always left my rear end hanging out, just waiting to get shot off.

In Black Ops 2, the Assault Shield seems very simple to use and always tracks the enemy as long as you can keep him onscreen. Plus, you can now plant the shield, toss your C4 without lowering your defences.

I hope to 'bump' into many other shield users and hope you all enjoy the Assault Shield as much as any other shield ever.

Cheers eh


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