Okay, so I need some people to play with on CoD:WaW, (Zombies on Der Reise to be exact). M4 Custom (of Machinima fame), is hosting gameplay with anyone who has it. Me (OMGaPokemonz), him and another popular youtuber named Spoonerism. We have another person that we play with, named Andrew, but he works on weekdays, so we need someone to play Der Reise on while he is away. Unless you are goddly at the game, we'll probably only play one or two matchs, anyone up for it? I know I shouldn'y be advertising on here, but I just need a few people who are willing to give it a try.

Hit me up on here, AIM (OMGaPokemon) or XboxLive (OMGaPokemonz).

Thank you, come again!

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