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    okay im paranoid about this who is the 1st horse men we all know the 2nd horsemen was al-asad the 3rd was victor zakheav and the 4th and the leader was inram zakheav however we are never told about the 1st one. ive read the page about it and in my opinion its either al-fulani because wat al-asad says in his speech is that they thought they could trust this man so that is why that could have executed him or the driver in the mission the coup as he is seen wearing the same clothing as the picture were all horsemen are together speaking. however who is the driver could it be makarov because at the time he was inram zakheav's successor so it might have been or it could just be the guy who set of the nuke in shock and awe however i believe this…

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    okay ive heard alot of rumours saying that call of duty 4 multiplayer servers will cease when black ops is released, is this rumour true, i surely hope not because cod 4 is and always will be a classic. well if anyone has any comment, information on this topic please tell me im anxious to see if this is true thank you.

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