• PJayeh

    Today, in the Dutch city Alphen aan de Rijn, someone walked inside a mall with a fully automatic weapon and shot 7 people to death.

    When he entered the mall, he shot two people, and continued shooting others while cassually walking through the mall. In the end, he shot himself and died.

    To me, this attack was very similar to the one from No Russian. It's not known yet if the attacker played MW2 or some other shooter, but I personally think he was inspired by it. So what do you think?

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  • PJayeh

    Private Match Game Modes

    March 25, 2011 by PJayeh

    Hey, does anyone have any fun idead for some private matches to play. I would like to hear of what the community all comes up with.

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  • PJayeh

    MW3 Create-a-Class idea

    March 23, 2011 by PJayeh

    Instead of all the Assault Rifle and Submachine gun weapon categories, they should make this.

    You select one weapon, for example the AK-47. You can put simple attachments on it, like the GP-25 or Dual Mags. You can adapt it to other variants of the weapon, like the AKS-47, RPK or AKM. You can put different attachments on the variants.

    And for example the SCAR rifle. You can adapt it to the SCAR-H (Heavy) or the SCAR-L (Light). The lighter version provides higher mobility, but less accuracy.

    Infinity Ward should make a lot of weapons, so you have more weapons, and more variants to choose.

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  • PJayeh

    New Wager Modes ideas

    March 13, 2011 by PJayeh

    I got some new ideas, that I think should be featured in an upcoming Map Pack for BO.

    1. Overkill. Everyone starts with a different weapon. And every time you kill someone with that weapon, you get an attachment for it. So if you kill 5 people, you have 5 attachments for 1 gun. 1 underbarrel, 1 optic, silencer, extended mags and dual mags. An when you die, you get a new weapon with no attachments.

    2. Dog Survival. Everyone starts with 9 lives. It's a FFA game mode, but they're attack dogs attacking you all the time. If you die, you lose a life, but if you kill another player, you get an extra life. Last man standin wins.

    3. Gunship Wars. Small FFA for gunship only. You have to destroy the other gunships with your own. When you destroy all of …

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