I got some new ideas, that I think should be featured in an upcoming Map Pack for BO.

1. Overkill. Everyone starts with a different weapon. And every time you kill someone with that weapon, you get an attachment for it. So if you kill 5 people, you have 5 attachments for 1 gun. 1 underbarrel, 1 optic, silencer, extended mags and dual mags. An when you die, you get a new weapon with no attachments.

2. Dog Survival. Everyone starts with 9 lives. It's a FFA game mode, but they're attack dogs attacking you all the time. If you die, you lose a life, but if you kill another player, you get an extra life. Last man standin wins.

3. Gunship Wars. Small FFA for gunship only. You have to destroy the other gunships with your own. When you destroy all of them, you win the round. Five round limit. Lobby only available for 2-4 people.

4. Mercenary. Team Deathmatch on random maps. One team contains maximum for players, and the other team Combat Training dummies, with their difficulty on recruit. The player with the most kills wins.

So what do you think? Should this be in a future map pack?

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