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  • PShizzzzle

    Self Explanatory. Mine is "The Invincible Palm Tree" on Rundown. You can't fire any RPGs from the second floor of the store towards the Cantina because the rigid body physics of the palm tree next to the tractor are set for a rectangle, even if you aim through the leaves, it will explode and likely kill you if you have Danger Close as a perk.

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  • PShizzzzle

    Just Cause 2?

    February 25, 2010 by PShizzzzle

    I'm a part of the overhaul project that is just entering the planning phase over at the Just Cause Wiki (

    If anyone is familiar with the series and would like to help this one other guy and me clean it up and add as much relevant information as possible before Just Cause 2 launches on March 23, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Your WIKI account transfers across all WIKIs, so if you feel the urge, head on over there, please.

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  • PShizzzzle

    So, I think many people would agree that Modern Warfare 2 is not the paragon of modern gaming and is the "ultimate multiplayer experience". Far from it. The class system works fine, and the weapons are all pretty stable, except for that piece of garbage F2000. What Modern Warfare 2 lacks is the sense of accomplishment they got when they prestiged for the first time in CoD4. In MW2, there seems to be only little children playing...maybe I just have a shitty connection. My biggest issue is that there is no strategy involved, unless you are in a party with highly-disciplined online FPS players, who are willing to listen and work together. I just long for the days of CoD4, when things seemed more balanced. If there is one thing that IW is cons…

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  • PShizzzzle

    MW2's Version of Zombies

    February 7, 2010 by PShizzzzle

    I think that there needs to be an equivalent put out there for DLC. I'm not sure it should be zombies, because I think that Aliens could work, but the only problem with wave defense like that is the fact that the enemies are armed. IW could pull a Capcom and have it be some sort of virus, so technically not zombies, but more like the advanced rabies from L4D. The idea has been in my head since I thought of a new Layout for Rust. Have your squad post up on the top of the rig, and the "zombies" (irradiated civilians?) rush the map from all directions. You can have unlimited ammo, but reloads take 2x as long. You get one mounted M240 with infinite ammo. And at the end of every level, each team member gets a random reward (excluding UAV, Count…

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  • PShizzzzle

    Care Package Glitchers

    February 6, 2010 by PShizzzzle

    So, a lot of people lately have decided that glitching is cool. Well, if you are one of those people, I hate you. Also, if you have a J-Tagged Xbox and are 10th Prestige, you have no fucking life, nor do you have any sense of honor, humility, sportsmanship, or any self confidence or patience.

    Back to my original point though, Infinity Ward has basically ruined the experience by taking their sweet time patching this CP Glitch. The only reason it bothers me is that, like boosters, people with little skill or patience are basically tricking the game into rewarding them for nothing. I hav had my killstreaks set at Harrier, ChopGun, Nuke for two months now, and have not set off a nuke. My frustration has increased as of late, because less than …

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