So, a lot of people lately have decided that glitching is cool. Well, if you are one of those people, I hate you. Also, if you have a J-Tagged Xbox and are 10th Prestige, you have no fucking life, nor do you have any sense of honor, humility, sportsmanship, or any self confidence or patience.

Back to my original point though, Infinity Ward has basically ruined the experience by taking their sweet time patching this CP Glitch. The only reason it bothers me is that, like boosters, people with little skill or patience are basically tricking the game into rewarding them for nothing. I hav had my killstreaks set at Harrier, ChopGun, Nuke for two months now, and have not set off a nuke. My frustration has increased as of late, because less than 20 minutes ago, I went 3-2-27 on Underpass. One guy was using the glitch with an E-Drop, and he had seven sentries active, got four stealth bombers, 3 harriers, 2 ac 130s, a chopper gunner, 2 pave lows, and four precision airtstrikes in one domination game. It's ruining the experience.

So, if you are a glitcher, congratulations, you're the reason my sister had to go to the hospital yesterday. My little brother was so angry, he threw his controller out the door of my room, hitting her in the head. She has a minor skull fracture and 13 stitches. You guys are assholes. If you want to be good, FUCKING EARN IT.

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