I think that there needs to be an equivalent put out there for DLC. I'm not sure it should be zombies, because I think that Aliens could work, but the only problem with wave defense like that is the fact that the enemies are armed. IW could pull a Capcom and have it be some sort of virus, so technically not zombies, but more like the advanced rabies from L4D. The idea has been in my head since I thought of a new Layout for Rust. Have your squad post up on the top of the rig, and the "zombies" (irradiated civilians?) rush the map from all directions. You can have unlimited ammo, but reloads take 2x as long. You get one mounted M240 with infinite ammo. And at the end of every level, each team member gets a random reward (excluding UAV, Counter UAV, Care Package, E-Drop, and EMP) based on how they performed. It wouldn't be meant to be as impossible as Nazi Zombies, but its more about fun and just ripping flesh...


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