So, I think many people would agree that Modern Warfare 2 is not the paragon of modern gaming and is the "ultimate multiplayer experience". Far from it. The class system works fine, and the weapons are all pretty stable, except for that piece of garbage F2000. What Modern Warfare 2 lacks is the sense of accomplishment they got when they prestiged for the first time in CoD4. In MW2, there seems to be only little children playing...maybe I just have a shitty connection. My biggest issue is that there is no strategy involved, unless you are in a party with highly-disciplined online FPS players, who are willing to listen and work together. I just long for the days of CoD4, when things seemed more balanced. If there is one thing that IW is consistently great at, it's MP level design. The verticality in Highrise and Favela are beyond cool, and levels like Sub Base and Terminal are great for CQ Battles and mid-range assault rifle engagements.

IW is consistent with:

  • Level Design
  • Playability
  • Creat-a-Class Structure
  • Amount of Fun possibly achieved

Where IW fails:

  • Weapon Balancing
  • Perks Overhaul
  • Host Migration
  • Patching

Now I know that the patching issue is more the fault of Microsoft, but I think it needs to be put out there that the overdue status of the Care Package Patch has caused a small drop in playership (I switched to ME1, but then my LIVE card ran out anyway). The weapons overall seemed more balanced in the last game, as with the perks, but the overall structure of Create-a-Class has stayed simple and I like it that way.

Thoughts? Anything I missed you would like me to add?

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