• PaPa SmUrF

    Sledgehammer speculation

    December 16, 2010 by PaPa SmUrF

    Have sledgehammer said anything about their Call of Duty game? Plot, locations, weapons, any particularly wanted voice actors?

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  • PaPa SmUrF

    From Call of duty' to Black ops, COD has created legednary supporting characters. Here is how I would rate them.

    10. Polonsky- whine arse

    9. Dunn- ok

    8. Roebuck- no one fights alone! (My favourite of his sayings)

    7. Captain Price (WW2) Nice beard but better beards to come

    6. Ghost- Fucking badass, MW2: Ghost was legendary!

    5. Griggs- made the only rap song I will ever like.

    4. Gaz- who desn't like him?

    3. Reznov- You are the craziest fucker ever!

    2. Woods- one of the best COD moments ever was Woods' Switchblade-bottle combo!

    1. Captain Price- Most badass mother fucker in NPC history!!!

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  • PaPa SmUrF

    What do we want in MW3?

    November 23, 2010 by PaPa SmUrF

    Are we wanting anything new In MW3? Or anything to return?

    I personally want:

    • More stealth and sniping
    • More of the hand to hand or interaction bits on the campaign like on Black ops (I.e. when you pull the pins of the NVA troopers grenades and let him explode)
    • More against the odds missions like "The Hornets Nest" and Numbers"
    • Soap and his mohawk to return!
    • HALO jumps! They need to last at least a minute
    • SAS and Rangers to return (No USMC) or maybe even the SEALs could be intresting
    • No cliffhanger ending! I hate those!
    • Original MP5, like COD 4, to return
    • NO ECONOMY SYSTEM!!! Bring back the grind!
    • Bring in global thermonuclear war like was planned for MW2
    • Strikeback into Russia!
    • To have the campaign based on the remmanants of TF141 …

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  • PaPa SmUrF

    Black ops MP is shit!!!

    November 14, 2010 by PaPa SmUrF

    I have been waiting 25 minutes now and still it has not put me in a game, 90% of the time host migration fails, every weapon is shit, the spawning is so bad I actually want to stop playing the game all together, the balancing is very very very bad, I can not join a mates game, the enfield I swear down actually fires out little bits of air sometimes it does that little of damage, I hate the new "call of duty economy", I HATE BLACK OPS MP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How can you make such a legendary campaign and fuck the online up worse than mw2? Seriously it is such a let down I feel like complaining to Treyarch for making me spend more money than I should have done.

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  • PaPa SmUrF


    November 8, 2010 by PaPa SmUrF

    Despite me saying not to, my mum has ordered me Black ops on Amazon, they say it will be here tommorow despite the fact I have seen no evidence of this. Is it likely I will receive it tommorow?

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