my recent blog

i did a blog recently where i was trying to convince people that mw2 was an awseome game and i still believe that but i also said that "cod 4 was the best game ever and that mw2 was as close to besting it as you can get" (not actual words but can't be arsed finding which blog post i put the actual comment in) but i was wrong. dead wrong.

Bad company 2 is now tied as my favourite game ever with cod 4. it is unbelieveably good and i shall list my reasons why i love it below.


i love the online. it takes ages to get promoted but i never get pissed at how stupid the online is. many people think that without killstreaks the online will be shit but it makes it better. i think killstreaks make the online unrealistic and annoying when you die on a high one.

funny characters

they have mastered how to make a humorous game and still keep it serious when needed i.e. Haggard who is a raging rebulican, george bush loving texan who meets a pacifist hippie pilot. the arguments between them are hilarious.


they make fun of MW2 all the time. on one ocassion sweetwater mentions spec ops guys and haggard replies "those pussies will just come in with a bunch of hearbeat sensors and fuck it up" and on another the squad were having a quadbike race and sweetwater complains that if this were on snowmoblies he'd kick his arse. haggard replies "snowmobiles are for pussies" another jibe at mw2

how it should have been done

it actually steals loads of ideas like your senior officer betraying you but it makes them more realistsic and intense.

it's just better

if anyone does not have the game GO BUY IT NOW i guarantee you won't be disapointed

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