In the teaser trailer the character is in some sort of lab, someone is heard talking saying "this will help you remember" and "a little something extra"

On second trailer the first words spoken is "A lie is a lie"

Black ops is the "world of deniable operations" these men will know many of the nations secrets. My theory is that they know this secret and they have been mind-wiped to hide it.

Their have been many rumours this "secret" is the assassination of JFK, perhaps one of the SOG was brainwashed into assassinating him. Don't forget the reason for the Vietnam war becoming massive for America was the assassination which brought in a new President who was more Anti-Communist and brought more troops into Vietnam!

Or this Kravtchenko (don't know if it's spelt right) ordered the assassination and the goverment is hiding it to prevent WW3 and SOG is trying to reveal the truth or avenge JFK?

Tell me what you think

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