ok, i have to write a story for my god damn homework in english. i'm not happy about it but still i may as well make the most of it.

i'm gonna make a war story set in 2014 about a war in Korea. the sides are pretty basic Britain, France, South Korea and america against china and north Korea.

the North of Korea has invaded the south along with China. the south korean and american marines stationed in the south have been pushed right back into a small corner of the country and can not get supplies in. more worryingly though there is a suspected arms deal going down with the chinese to get nukes to the north koreans.

so an elite group has been formed consistig of American, British and south Korean spec ops. what i don't know though is what to do inbetween. so i thought i should ask you. i know it will end with china invading america and with a nuke launched at them too so what else should i do?

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