i'm stealing a guy called dempsey141's idea here about a battle for new york during the Russo-American war. like those last stories the cod wiki did i want you to create your own characters on this blog and i will make a seperate one for the story.

their are 4 factions

1. S.A.S.- they have been sent to team up with a SEALS team and rescue a HVP

2. SEALS- teaming up with the S.A.S.

3. Rangers- fighting on the ground

4. Spetsnaz- i need some bad guys. they are guarding the HVP.

ok pick your rank and character. preferably a nickname if you are in the spec ops. i'm being in the SAS and my nickname is jester. i am the demolitions expert and a sergeant

pick yours and i will explain the story in the next blog

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