I was arguing with my friends the other day about wether or not Single player of multiplayer is better and if you should go on singleplayer or MP first on Black ops.

I think single player is the heart of the game, I buy games purely because of the singleplayer. I bought Far cry 2 becasue it has a kick ass campiagn but if I listened to the MP reviews I would not have got it same with Bioshock 2. I can tell you all now I will, a soon as I have it up and running, be on the singleplayer and after I have completed all of it or a fair bit then I will play MP.

Many of my friends buy it and will be playing MP first. I don't get why but hell everyone is different.

So what are you going on first for Black ops? which do you think is the more important? Which dom you prefer?

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