In light to my last sterotypical zombie character blog I decided to make more, this one is called Claude and is French!


Claude-the chain smoking, wine sipping, possibly homosexual free-French soldier. He is the only known French soldier not to have surrendered-EVER!!!
PaPa SmUrF Claude Zombie character

Pip :)

He famously missed the D-day landings after getting a possible tuma which caused him more pain than man can take which turned out to be an average headache!

He was once found in the bed of a chief gestapo officer and was captured and tortured until the end of the war, they tortured him by pouring good wine on the floor constantly for 1 year! It drove him insane until he could no longer take it, whilst being fed, he saved his pudding of fudge by packing it into his arse using the legendary French skill for packing fudge and used it to distract the guards and then strangled them with a clove of garlic and then escaping!

From then on Claude decided to not pack fudge but pack zombie killing weapons and joined the team!


"But I am le tired" at the begining of every 5 rounds

"This is for Verdun you Bastard!" after getting a headshot


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