I'm fed up with the players on CoD! All they are can be summed up like so:

1. Noobs: The term noob refers to any player still in the "green zone" and has not become a 2nd liutenant or someone who can not play the game properly and has spent lots of time getting random kills which infuriate the rest of us!

Common when the game is first let out and around public holidays like Cristmas but can be rare now after so long.

2. Hacker and moders: Guy's who decide to ruin our game's by either stealing other people's accounts or making it so you get thousands of points from one kill. Moders rig up there controlers and console to fire rapidly, fly across maps to kill players, headshot everytime ect.

3. False idols: I tend to study higher ranks to see what they do, so i can learn their techniques and manouveres, and use them in my games and become a good little warrior, but now all i see from many tenth prestiges and other high ranks is a sense of superiority. Maybe they are higher but there not better, they just play more often. There is not a better sound than a tenth having a go at a lower rank for being a "camper"

4. Camper accusers: I myself don't belive many people do camp, sure you may sit in the same spot because people are idiots and don't learn to avoid the same path and your shots but how's that their fault? the game is about kills and points so you can't blame them for getting them? seriously admit you were owned or shut up!

5. The best handpicked group of warriors on the planet: Every now and then you will find a player who is good, funny and friendly to people, becasue of this many of the above target them but become mentally destroyed when they get owned constantly by them and killed in humiliating ways.

I don't want to sound like i'm bragging but i consider myself as a number 5, i am as funny as i can be online and friendly to people but i am quite good at the game. i'm 6th prestige lvl 64 with a K/D of 1.15. it's not the best but it's alright.

But has anyone else noticed just how many dicks are online now? there constantly claiming to be ace and better than us but they are shite (mostly) but when they are good people like number 5 come in and own.

To any of you who fall under the class of The best handpicked group of warriors on the planet i salute you and beg you to kill any of the others i listed.

please discuss what i've said and please if you disagree don't start an argument with me i'm not in the mood!

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