God i'm pissed off!

I hate bullies, with a passion, there low life bastards who take pleasure in making other people suffer. I can't stand them and if i see one messing with one of my friends then he had better run like hell before i break my foot off in his ass!

I won't name names but i will give you the story, I was having lunch as normal strolling the school like i always do when i see this bully laughing with a kid who is a bullying target. Instantly my instincts say "watch the bastard before he does something" but i was called away by a certain pretty girl.

I come back a few minutes later and see them still there, this time i have my friends with me and we are ready to take on the bullies if need be. They are still acting like his mates and i'm getting real worried for him and wouldn't you know it, one of them goes behind him, crouches down, and the lead bully pushes him into a bush.

Laughter all round from the bullies and a look of discust from everyone else. This one guy goes to help him up and he gets thrown to the floor.

I had had enough and walked up to the bully.

Now i am proud of this.

So very very proud.

I walk over to him, his back turned to me and i say

"Oi Suzy!" before i pick him off the ground and launch him into the bush.

Serves the bastard right, i never saw the expressions on people's face because i got caught throwing him in the bush and sent to the prick of a head teachers office.

He says i'm violent and that i should have got a teacher if that was happening.

Bullshit! people like that don't learn from the words of teachers they do however listen to the actions of people willing to protect people who have done nothing wrong!

So i am in deep-shit and spend the rest of the day doing shitty work designed for year 11's to cripple my morale and never make me stand up or people again and let them suffer, fat chance of that happening, and when i finally get out my mates are there smiling at me. They are all making macmillan jokes and saying i'm badass' which is cool but the better bit is that people were thanking me, people i don't know in lower years, because i had stood up to him. I don't know if you know the feeling but it's beyond good or great.

This is why i must join the army, i don't want to sound big headed but i'm not afraid to stand up for people and fight. This is everything you need to be a soldier, sure the training helps but the courage and bravery and good in all men who serve there country is incredible.

De Oppresso Liber

To liberate the oppressed

This is my creed, This is the army's creed, the men who protect you or in my case will protect you in years to come.

So next time you see a soldier, a veteran, a wounded hero, talk to them, let them know they are appreciated but furthermore thank them for everyhing they have done for you and thank them for everything they still go through for you.

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