I love the tier 2 perk "Danger close" for so many reasons which i shall list below:

  1. Noob tubes (grenade launchers for those who are new to the game and don't know the slang) are useless without it, you need almost a direct hit sometimes to finish a tango in one and most of the time use both to kill a guy.
  2. Collaterals are very easy to come by especially on CQB maps like Skidrow and Bailout.
  3. Sort of a tie in with the 2nd one but take demolition for example, if four guy's are holding a bomb then what do you do? take them all on with a normal gun or use a danger close powered up "noobs" or a "SEEEEEEMMMMMTTTTTEEEEXXXX"
  4. The pro version greatly improves killstreaks like harriers making killstreaks easier to achieve.

If you like it to say so and i will add you too the list and get some one to make a userbox about it

Danger close fans

PaPa SmUrF


Darkman 4



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