10. Spetsnaz

their name literally means special forces. iv'e seen grizly pics of these bastards and they are picked on, unlike the S.A.S. and other western special forces, for mostly their blood lust in battle. they teach regiments the tricks of the trades the hardcore way and also are like the green berets because their skills are based on mostly guerilla warfare and are trained to go deep and teach resistance fighters.

9. french naval commando's

unlike the usual cheese eating surrender monkeys the french usually breed (i'm patriotic and English) these guys will rip your throat out if you say that to them. their nicknamed the "Beret vert" or green berets in english (how original) like the S.A.S. who have air troop, mountain troop ect which are made for different purposes they are also trained in different skills like diving, air assults ect.


only men are allowed to join the US marine corps forces special command and they are usually their for recon and internal defenses with foreign nations. not very intresting but thats what the survey says unfortunatley.

7. US army rangers

Airborne ops, underwater ops, land ops. these guys are ready for any assault. they were part of the amphibious assault on Normandy on D-day and have earnt a reputation as the guys who go in first and make a whole lotta noise. glad their on our side

6. KSK

the german special forces. only created in 1996, shortly after the collapse of the soviet union and germany becoming a country again, and mobilized in 1997 they have quickly earned themselves a reputation as stone cold killers with the prescision to make them a lethal fighting force

5. Green Berets

i have a lot of respect for spec ops but these guys actually scare me shitless. they were formed not to destroy objectives the old fashioned way but to destroy the enemy's morale. it was a new form of pshycological warfare that was meant to be evil and crippiling. nice guys.

4. jtf2 (canada)

joint task force 2 is a joint task force of all canadian armed forces servicemen. these were the only guys, along with the russians and marsoc who gave next to no info so this is all i can give you unfortunatley.

3. Delta force

the guys with the coolest name are finally featured. they are the US' main CTU organization. formed in the 70's after some well publisised terrorist attacks they were meant to assure the US citizens that they were protected against the threat of the reds. protected they were! these guys made the russians shit them selves! almost all of them are taken from the rangers so they are already elite badass' that are considered more elite than the elite! long story short dont fuck with delta!!!

2. navy SEALS

the runners up are the famous navy SEALS (thats SEa Air Land, SEAL) the idea of amphibious special forces dates back to ww2 but after that most of these ideas were put aside but the SEALS idea of warfare was kept ready. formed in 1961 during the vietnam war and were shiped out in 1962 to train local fighters the ways they have been trained them selves. since then their reputation has become legendary and the men who fought under the name SEALS have become practically forgotten. shame they all deserve the recognition of great heroes.

the big dogs!!!

its the big one and who else could it be, they are the best of the best and train pretty much every other special forces in the world. created in ww2 these men have become absolute legends among the british people after the iranian embassy siege and their acts in the falklands war.

i'm sure you have guessed who i mean. it's the big dogs

1. Special air serive (S.A.S.)

colonel David stirling was an injured british servicemen who was serving in north Africa during ww2. whilst lying in a hospital bed unable to help his losing country in a physical way he did more with an idea than most armies did during the entire war.

he saw the need for a special branch of airborne troops sent behind enemy lines to sabotage fuel supplies and airfields or kill or capture chosen germans. the idea was genius at the time but during the first jump the S.A.S. almost got dispanded immediatly. the jump went terrible. the British were getting pounded from a nearby air base by the Germans stuka dive bombers and the S.A.S. were sent there to destroy as many as possible. they lost half of their men before the mission had begun due to the weather. the men landed and were either kille instantly by the rugged terrain or killed slowly by being dragged along the hard and rocky desert floor and being ripped to pieces. 50 % of their fighting force gone but did they quit? did they hell!!! they blew the shit out of the airbase and completed the mission with ease. the biggest trouble they had was with the weather. it was this determination that has earned them the title of the best spec ops in the world. i am proud of what they have done and feel safe knowing they will protect y country at any cost.

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