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Favourite supporting character

PaPa SmUrF November 26, 2010 User blog:PaPa SmUrF

From Call of duty' to Black ops, COD has created legednary supporting characters. Here is how I would rate them.

10. Polonsky- whine arse

9. Dunn- ok

8. Roebuck- no one fights alone! (My favourite of his sayings)

7. Captain Price (WW2) Nice beard but better beards to come

6. Ghost- Fucking badass, MW2: Ghost was legendary!

5. Griggs- made the only rap song I will ever like.

4. Gaz- who desn't like him?

3. Reznov- You are the craziest fucker ever!

2. Woods- one of the best COD moments ever was Woods' Switchblade-bottle combo!

1. Captain Price- Most badass mother fucker in NPC history!!!

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